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Some products make you sound better... RangTM loopers make you play better.
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We have been continuously producing quality loopers longer than any other company.

* Pan 60 Interview with Mike Nelson (One of the owners of Boomerang Musical Products) *

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III pic Boomerang® III Phrase Sampler  -  V3.3 software with active MIDI sync was released, June 2014.

The best live performance looper on the planet, bar none.

>>  Guitar Player July 2012 Review of the III.  <<

Here's a cool quote from Daniel Lanois' biography "Soul Mining".
"Some of the compositions for Sling Blade (the motion picture; starring Billy Bob Thornton) were made without the orchestra. I would rise up in the night from the orchestra pit and plug into my ever-evolving guitar rig. At the time I was very excited about a recording box called the Boomerang. This would allow me to play a chord sequence and then play on top of it without anyone else in the room. This brought back memories of some of my very early recording rigs when I was a kid. The sound-on-sound technique that I used back then was still with me twenty years later at the Teatro. [...]

The opening piece of music in Sling Blade invokes a dark, menacing, haunting mood, built with my Boomerang and Les Paul rig. [...]

No multitrack was used for this composition; it was essentially a live recording. Every stage of the Boomerang lasted roughly forty-five seconds, every new stage accommodated the preceding one. Each stage would be a roll of the dice because if you made a mistake, you'd have to start all over again. [...]

This opening piece of music is called "Asylum". I believe it is one of the most reaching pieces of music I've ever created, very much in the Eno tradition, built with just a few tools, but with much concentration. "Asylum" runs through the entire beginning of Billy's movie. It sets a tone, keeps you on the edge of your seat [...]

Sling Blade became a contemporary classic; it won an Oscar..."

CDP pic Boomerang® Stereo Chorus*Delay Pedal

>> Step up to rack quality effects in a floor pedal. You could buy individual chorus & delay pedals, and the cables and power supplies for them, but you'd have no presets and probably no expression pedal control. The CDP has 11 presets and offers expression pedal control of all chorus and delay parameters and... it simply sounds better. Buy the Boomerang® Stereo Chorus*Delay pedal and you'll be very glad you did.

>> Go to the Chorus*Delay page to play sound samples.

SC pic Boomerang® Side Car™ Controller

Companion for the Rang™ III looper that dramatically expands access to the III's functions.

>> Your III must have Version 2.1 or higher software to communicate with a Side Car™ Controller.

WR pic Boomerang® Wholly Roller Volume/Expression Pedal

A lot of control in a small package! The WR uses our custom foot roller instead of the typical rocker style pedal so it's smaller taking up less valuable pedal board space. It can function as a volume pedal or expression pedal, and has 2 aux outputs for connection to a tuner or other signal routing.

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WR pic The Ultimate live looping setup

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